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to follow jesus, no turning back, no turning back…

well not quite, i’m not going to stress about this anymore. when the time is right it will get sorted out. i’m not giving up, i’m just not letting these people affect my life. i had a great night’s sleep and some truly lascivious dreams (always helpful in improving my mood) and i got up this morning and realised, that i’m in love with and married to someone who makes me incredibly happy, we’re not together right now, but that’s not insurmountable.

i am going to call this morning before i go to work and keep calling til i hear something but, in the mean time, i’ll make plans to see vic when i can. i’m going to spend the rest of my life with her, this time is but a drop in the bucket.

in other news (i’ve been up far too long) here are a couple of entertainments to take you through the day, some of them are a little old, i wasn’t up to the news yesterday (really now)

God’s Blog

Microsloth truly in the shit (i kid you not) there is also a picture

the real pte lynch story

and last but not least, fresh off the presses today…

TV watchdog checks claims of bias on Murdoch channel which is no fun without this tidbit

enjoy yourselves people, i’ll be back later.