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i don`t know why so many people are surprised and upset about the results of this election. actually i know why they are, but honestly, in a nation where `more people get their news from Fox`, what did you really think was going to happen?

am i disappointed? not really no, to be disappointed you have to have expectations. and my expectations of this country and the majority of the populace to do the right thing, usually vary between slim to none. most of the populace here has no historical or global perspective on how the US exists with the rest of the world.

when i cynically said last week that the election result had already been decided in a boardroom, i was branded a liberal; as if liberal is a bad word. i dislike labels but when it comes to governance, i am a cynic. i don`t think any government as it exist currently is about the good of the people, it`s about the good of their financial backers.

the individual is just a consumer and on Tuesday you had a choice between brand `A` and brand `B`, and fundamentally there is little difference between them, because at the end of it all you`re selecting which of the brands were better advertised and packaged to you.

when an election campaign costs a combined total of $4 billion, your pittance of a contribution to it doesn`t give you an ounce of say, much less for your actual vote; your voting for the brand and what the advertisers tell you to. the organisations who are contributing the millions and hundreds of millions are the real policy decision makers and they shape the message you brand sells to you.

what was really voted on Tuesday were marketing campaigns and we were all consumed.