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i like living in the south, if only for the sole reason that good manners are valued here, people hold doors open, respond to `please` and `thank you` and `good day`. with the exception of one set of our neighbours who are either too completely self involved; we`ve told them hullo on more than one occasion and been assiduously ignored; or just rude. which just send me off the deep end. the rudeness extends to having their friends and visitors park in our space. normally i`m not territorial but i have to draw the line somewhere.

i try to be polite and generally good mannered and i`ve found it works very well. since i`ve been here i`m been mistaken for British and a private school teacher, just because of my manners alone.

again i`ve gotten side-tracked and forgot where i was going with it and it`s time to pick the wife up from work