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what are you going to do now that your candidate hasn`t won or lost?

is it really going to make that much of a difference in your personal life? is it going to pay your bills, put gas in your car? are you so upset about the result you`re ready to leave the country? is the name calling and finger pointing going to end?

i can answer all those questions in order; no, no, no and no.

nothing is going to change to any major extent, no matter who wins/won. i said this before the election and i stand by it, elections of this magnitude are decided in boardrooms. the money for all that campaigning had to come from somewhere and you don`t get something for nothing.

the price of gas and healthcare is going to continue to rise, people are going to struggle to find the jobs they want, certain sectors of the populace are going to pay to maintain the lifestyle that certain other sectors of the population are accustomed to.

personal freedoms are going to continue to disappear, whether for security or commercial reasons and the `moral` pendulum is going to continue to swing back and forth because are based on society`s acceptance.

at the end of the day, there will be no epiphanies, no massive changes, just business as usual.