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there was a time when i could be up late for at least a week and when i say up late, i mean night after night on two and three hours sleep before i would begin to feel the toll.

that doesn`t apply any more, my weekend began on Thursday when we went to see John Wesley Harding, by the time we got home and in bed it was 1am, then on Friday night we went to see They Might be Giants, which was great except for the crystal meth guy jumping up on stage and grabbing the mike and getting body checked off said stage by the bassist.

while i`m on the topic of the surreal moments of Friday night, i have to say that while the concept of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players is a good one, self deprecation and kitsch will only take you so far, i`m truly grateful their set was a short one. and aside from what we discovered the following day to be a mild case of carbon monoxide poisoning from sitting on the ground near the generators and the supply truck and the general aches and pains associated with standing on asphalt for too long, a good time was had by all. we`re heading back this Friday, better prepared to see Issac Hayes.

on saturday we slept in, but the two consecutive late nights were already taking their toll and i had to drive an hour and a half each way to pick up the boy chick, having to a house party later that evening didn`t help either. i spent most of the night sprawled on the couch with a book, i really wasn`t up to dealing with people and by 10 i`d convinced vic that it was time to go home.

and that in a nutshell was my weekend, i`m still trying to recover. vic is home a few days this week with the boychick and i wish i could join them but it`s not in the budget.

my workload has picked up, considerably, i have job jackets; yes more than one on my desk, i have stuff on my desk that doesn`t come under the generic job related function, i feel good.

and vic and i took our lunch hour to open a savings account and start checking on insurance. we`re adults, we`re being responsible. we need to make some time this weekend to finalise the household budget, but i`m starting to feel accomplished in some sense.

tonight we`re going to see They Might be Giants. one of the great things about living in Nashvegas, as i`ve said before is the multitude of live events that are available. because of the plethora of shows and venues, the prices are really good, last night we saw John Wesley Harding at the [in]famous, Bluebird Cafe for $10. Bluebird is the sort of venue i truly love, small, informal and intimate; where, when you think the performer is looking right at you, they just might be.

TMBG tonight is an open lot downtown and that`s $5 in advance and i think it`s competition of a sort for Dancin` in the District, but aside from Cake, there hasn`t been anyone on the Dancin` line up that i think i missed out on. coming next month are a couple of acts that i think $5 is a steal to see, including Cypress Hill, George Clinton & P Funk and the Wailers.

George Clinton & P Funk and the Wailers are playing on the same night and i`m in the process of designing a t-shirt specifically for that event that reads:

“I HAVE NO WEED or associated paraphernalia.”