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i think not.

of the two places we got when we were looking the one we`re at now, has lawn and outdoor maintenance as part of the package. i, for one, am eternally grateful.

i am not a particularly lazy sod, but i do firmly believe that certain tasks are the domain of professionals or at least people who enjoy these tasks. i know i can cut my own grass and wash my own car and i`m sure there are people that own a computer and believe they can design a newsletter too. i mean just because you have the tools, it doesn`t automatically bequeath you with the ability to do the job well.

i am one of those people that is willing to pay someone to do certain jobs for me. although, because i`m willing to pay someone to a job that i`m at least capable of doing, i expect it done well, but i`m not going to hang about and tell you how to do your job, it`s one of the things i hate, so i wouldn`t subject anyone to that behaviour.

the name of my journal is actually based on a joke about my personal work ethic and star signs. my birthday is august 23, making me a virgo on the cusp of leo. according to lore, the virgo portion of the sign makes me a perfectionist, which is my line of work i think is a necessity. the leo side of the lore means i like things done my way. so, one wiseacre who worked with me branded me a perfectionist with a god complex. it`s what in some circumstances `difficult` to work with.

strangely, the standards that apply to my work and my co-workers tend to be more relaxed with people that i give my money to for one reason or another. i think it`s because if the anal retentive, detail oriented monster ever got loose in public, i`d be truly insufferable and be on the receiving end of the dreaded asshole tax.

anyone who`s ever worked freelance, is familiar with the asshole tax, it`s a fee tacked on to the base a job, calculated on the volume of trouble you expect the client to be. you can tell most of the time from the first meeting, you know what you`re in for, so you mark up the job, so that at the end of the day, you get paid for all the extra stress and heartache.