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that’s good. code keeps the site up to date. (apologies to all the ben hur fans)

thank you for the swift and effective update to the site, solving all my link problems.

i’m in a fairly good mood, late lunch and all. i’m in the process of carving my domain. not as bad as it sounds, just setting up the machines how i want them, organising the fonts, i’m thinking now is the time to make the switch to os x in the office as well. but that’s going to have to be done over the weekend.

i’m realising there will be fewer opportunities for mid day post and movie watching, everyone is pretty much accountable to me and all the goddamn meetings i could do without. how am i supposed to create?

nevermind, rhethorical question…

here is your afternoon moment of zen

need to get back to work, i just had to thank tiroteo for his amazing work on the site.