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please stand by

April 27, 2004 — Leave a comment

regular transmission will resume momentarily. in the mean time go check out more geeky goodness at the joy of tech


May 21, 2003 — Leave a comment

ok, i just took a job that needs to be delived in less than 40 hours, this means i should not be fucking around here, but i’m easily distracted and i like working under pressure. not really i’m just not inspired at the moment. 

i thought in the interim i would post some of my favourite animation links: 

home of samauri lapin, mitten and snowdrop and the little goth girl – the other side 

the joy of tech 

home of the viking kittens 

and now the news… 

How to create a golem (no not a gollum, there is a difference) 

A meat tree 

Bush and Clear Channel 

keep yourself amused, i’m going to try and do some work.