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dress for success

June 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

one of the things my boss asked of me, with my new responsibilities is to change my mode of dress. no more slippers, no more paint smattered sneakers, shirts, thankfully no ties, i’d have to draw the line somewhere.
i can compromise on the slippers thing, it’s the rainy season, so i would have had to give them up anyway. but my most comfortable pair of sneakers is a pair i bought for j’ouvert (they were once white, but now two j’ouverts later… well lets just say both j’ouvert there was paint involved – red, black, i think i see some brown) but i like those sneakers, i think they add character. but this is trinidad, the concept of a 6′ 2″ tattoo, pierced, dreadlock’d creative director is still a little heavy to spring on most middle managers, so the concept is if we can tame it down in the wardrobe department, they might be a little more receptive. i doubt.
the problem with shirts is that they require ironing, i hate to iron. but on the other hand i did take that into account when i went shopping for shirts, so most of my shirts i can get by with a brisk shaking out and on it goes.
i’m not generally a slob, i just prefer to dress in clothes i’m comfortable (if i could go everywhere in shorts and barefeet, it would be perfect). i’m not one of those people who believes that you don’t have to look the part, i’m firmly of the belief that your skills should count, what you look like should not.
which begs the question, what the hell am i doing in advertising… ? i guess it was the only industry that pretty much paid me to look how ever i wanted. as long as you’re an “artist” (yeah, you can always hear the quotes when the say it) you can get away with it.
anyway enough rambling for the morning, i should at least try to get work early on my first official morning as CD. let’s see how long this last.