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may INDUCE vomitting

September 14, 2004 — Leave a comment

in all the furore over the assault weapons ban lapsing, not many people know about the Induce Act or that it is being fast tracked.

for those unfamiliar with the Induce Act, it`s a bill that will make it illegal to “induce” copyright infringement. the bill proposes will in theory make peer to peer networks, mp3 player and cd manufacturers liable for `inducing` the public to violate copyright laws. shoot me in the head now. i`m a big believer  in personal responsibility and this bill has to be one of the most backward steps ever conceived. that`s akin to tell rape victims, it`s their fault because they`re female.

how much lower are we going to sink; are we going to start suing teachers because our children don`t learn?

you can`t legislate values, no matter how hard you try and by removing the onus from the individual to an organisation or government, it just perpetuates the cycle. if people don`t take personal responsibility and teach their children right from wrong, then no matter how manner bills, laws, acts are passed it`s not going to make a difference.