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well i have new glasses, at least.

my spectacle wearing has always been cyclical; pretty much two years on and two years off and never a prescription strong enough to make contacts practical.

i am farsighted; figuratively and literally; or so i would like to believe. and for the first time in almost five years, i took advantage of an opportunity to get my eyes tested and get a new pair of glasses. my health insurance covers my eye test with a small co-pay and some coverage on lenses and frames.

the eye test was very thorough, but i got the sense that i was getting screw on the frames and lenses; especially the lenses. my prescription in relative terms is fairly weak; +.5; in one eye and +.75 in the other; yet the optician`s office was willing to take everything that was covered by my health insurance and then tacking on another $95 for anti-glare coating. i would have had to pay $200 out of pocket, outside my health insurance coverage, so i got my prescription and took it elsewhere; Lenscrafters to be specific. i paid $43 out of pocket and that included Transitions lenses and frames.

so here i sit, clearer vision, less headaches; well i`m hoping there will be less headaches.