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but i only going as far Baltimore, for the day. it`s not a trip i`m entirely thrilled about. i`m going with my boss to a presentation. i`m not sure if it`s the superfluous nature of my presence at this presentation or that i miss my almost daily lunch with vic or the fact that i have to wear a suit and tie all day. i think of the three, the suit might be the greatest irritant, one of the reasons i enjoy my job is that i generally don`t have to dress for success, i can go to work on most days in ratty jeans and flip flops.

i like flying, i`m exceeding comfortable in air planes; i should be, i`ve been doing it for 33 years now. i flow all manner of commercial aircraft excluding the concorde; which is my loss, i believe; and they hold no fear for me. i know smaller aircraft are safer than their bigger compatriots. there used to be a website called that i would frequent before i got on a flight and it would calculate the odds of a crash based on airline, type of aircraft, destination and point of departure, sadly it`s no longer around.

in the last four years i`ve logged a lot of frequent flyer miles, in 2000 alone, i logged enough to join bwia`s platinum preferred programme. i think however; between my inability to leave the country, the cost of travel for two adult and a child and wanting to spend as little time as humanly possible away from vic; that my flights are going to be limited to little jaunts like these for a while to come and being a flight junkie, i`m just going to have to take my little fixes where i can.