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that`s how i feel today.

i always had respect for flight attendants and after yesterday`s short haul in a monkey suit and uncomfortable shoes, my appreciation increases. the presentation went fairly well and all three blocks of Silver Spring, MD and the sections of highway i observed to and from the airport were all very lovely.

i managed to get back home in one piece despite the inclement weather in Nashville, that was the remnants of Ivan. we got delayed out of Baltimore and then put on an advisory meaning that at the pilot`s discretion we could be diverted to another airport or returned to Baltimore. luckily neither of those things happened and most of the bad weather were the vicious crosswinds just prior to the smoothest landing i have every experienced.

i`m sure i had something intelligent and worthwhile to contribute when i started writing this, but my exhaustion is getting the better of me and i am unable to form coherent thoughts.