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HST is gone. and it`s affecting me more than i expected.

the first thing of his i ever read was the Great Shark Hunt and from that moment i was hooked. i wanted to write like that when i grew up, i still do. my interest and understanding of American football and politics were pretty much shaped by his writing.

i think if i hadn`t just read Hey Rube, i wouldn`t been as affected, reading it just reminded me how much i admire his writing and now there is no more.

there is nothing new from my two favourite writers; one fairly prolific, the other constantly plagued by writer`s block; except, ironically, for movies based on their works later this year.

some time later and i think i`m a little close to figuring out why HST`s death bothers me so much; he was my icon of American journalism and now that he`s gone what hope is there left for the rest of us.