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so i cooked to today for mother’s day, had the whole sit down sunday lunch, my grandmother, my mother, my younger daughter, my ex wife, her younger daughter and her boyfriend.

maybe i should explain this now, my exwife, pig, is one of my best friends in the world. she has two children – i (our child) and n (her and a guy she planned to marry [another long tale, which i can’t get into now]) her current boyfriend, j, is the brother of the person (ndelamiko) that help vic and i arrange our wedding in barbados. are you with me so far? ain’t life funny

that’s how my life is. but lunch was great and afterwards j and i sat on the porch and talked, comics, movies, tv. he’s a pretty cool dude and at the end of the day i’m glad to see pig happy. i’m also a little envious, that she gets to spend time with her special someone. i’ll get over it eventually.

lunch on the whole was a big hit, it’s inspired me, i want to throw dinner parties and have people over talking all manner of shit on manner of subjects over good food. if i can just figure out where i’m going to do it. lol.

the matrix opens in 5 days, i’m trying to see how many people i can convince to duck work and come with me on thursday to the cinema, i did it the last time, but i went on my own, i think it would be so much more fun to go with friends.

anyway i’m off to watch secreatary and figure out why the apple dvd player refuses to work under 10.2.6 (aint technology grand)