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June 17, 2005 — Leave a comment

i start my new job on Wednesday at CMT. and while the infinite probabilities adjust themselves; i mean how much more surreal can you get, 6` 2″ dreadlocks and a Caribbean accent working at country music television in Nashville; i`m taking a few days off.

in a universe where the probabilities were aligned differently, i was supposed to be off this coming week and driving to Miami over the weekend to renew my passport. however that isn`t quite happening but there is a silver lining. first of all i don`t have to drive to Miami, i can fedex my passport to the embassy and i`ll have it back in a month, saving us gas, hotel and complete and utter exhaustion this weekend.

we were going to start out on Saturday afternoon and be back at some ridiculous hour on Tuesday morning at which point vic had class. not fun. this way we can relax this weekend, go hang out with the boy chick and with the money we`ve saved — do a little shopping. vic needs to get some stuff and i need to get some shoes, retail is taking its toll on my feet.

apologies to robin williams. another day, another week. my boss isn’t in yet, so my day is shaping up nicely. my back is healing magnificently which is good cause i’m running out of the crap tshirts i don’t mind getting stained with ink and blood. (yeah, i know tmi)

the throbbing in my shoulder has receeded to a satisfying ache.

in other news, i have begun a job hunt of sorts here for vic, i’m waiting on a call back. speaking of which it’s been two weeks since i heard from the guy who said i was undervaluing myself, i should give him a call.

i’m going to try and get some work finished before my boss shows up, i shall post anon.