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blame hofmann

August 1, 2008 — 1 Comment

i am exhausted beyond belief. there was a time when i could pull an all night and it would not affect me, those days are long gone, i’m ready to put my head down on my desk and sleep, we’ll see if this holds when i get home.

i’ve had occasion to think about political correctness and more recently i was asked to participate in a diversity and inclusion pilot program. fundamentally a good idea for most people, not so much me, i have real issues with trying to force people to be tolerant of each other. the process started with a questionnaire designed to evaluate how culturally sensitive you are. according to the survey my weak points are diversity related publications (does stuffwhitepeoplelike count?), diversity litigation and how i feel about people.

this question continues to fascinate me – i see people positively. one a scale of 1-5 where 1 = never and 5 = always, i scored it – 1. individuals i’m willing to give some variance and accept on their own recognisance, but people as a whole… the mob mentality equals dangerous. what was the blue oyster cult lyric, when you listen to fools the mob rules. i think it works both ways.