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for a while in my life, i believed that i was living in a hit soap opera (or daytime drama as the PC police have now deemed) somewhere in the south pacific, of late i think the show has been given a new lease on life. worse yet, i think it’s sweeps week.

thankfully all these dramatic plot developments don’t involve me directly, neither am i the catalyst, i just sit and watch all it all unfold around me. i used to enjoy the dramas when i was younger, but i’m realising it takes too much time and energy.

the story is far too complicated for me to attempt to start explaining now, but sufficed to say at some point, i’m going have to choose a side and i’m not looking forward to it.

i so don’t want to be at work today, my throat is sore, i’m sleepy, but off all the days i can ditch work, today might be the worse. i realised how much i didn’t want to be here, i left the power cable for my machine at home, that means with conservative use, i can hold out til lunch time on battery power. that means no dvds, no music and no more long and meandering posts like this.