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May 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

today is mother’s day, so to those of you who are celebrating, all the blessings and joy to you on this day.

all my food prep for lunch is done and i just finished watching the rules of engagement very strange and surreal little flick, i quite enjoyed it. the soundtrack is amazing and visually, it’s got that crisp independent feel without the shoddy camera work.

as the day progresses it’s getting hotter and hotter and i’m waiting on my exwife to call (she’s joining us for lunch) so i can start cooking. lunch is going to take 45 minutes exactly, right now all i have to do is put the stuff in the dishes and stick it in the oven.

i’m making a baked rice with chicken & mushrooms, one dish. based on a recipe i got from campbell’s (the base of dish is cream of mushoom soup)

i had forgotten what a joy cooking was, i still loathe my mother’s kitchen but the smell of seasoning on my hands makes it all go away. i miss the adventure, the smells, the anticipation of making something new. sigh.

i’m looking forward to sharing a kitchen with vic, who makes any culinary skills i have seem piddling by comparison. just another reason that she is my constant joy.