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metallica; i know, i know, i shouldn`t be giving them my money anyway; is playing Nashville in November at the Gaylord. i figured i could swallow my pride and go see metallica, i mean, when am i going to get to see them live again and assholes or not, they kick much ass. the tickets are expensive but not quite out of the realm of possibility and it is just me; whoever i can convince/coerce to go with me would be responsible for their own tickets, i have vic`s blessing and finally the show is at Gaylord, no money for the evil Clear Channel. all paths are clear for me to go see metallica.

not so fast. the show is a Clear Channel Entertainment event. which in one fell swoop puts paid to my ability to go. i`m willing to turn a blind metallica`s greed, exorbitant prices and the household budget for the month of November, but at the end of the day i wont give up my tiny moral anthill.

i don`t support Clear Channel and their business practices and i`m not going to give them any of my money, even if i`m going to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

this weekend was riverstages which i didn`t attend because it was a CCE — Clear Channel Entertainment event.

I live in Music City, USA. and this summer promises more big name shows than you can shake a stick at and it appears, even if i can afford i`m going to be letting a lot of them go by.

like i said before i find Clear Channel morally reprehensible and as long as i`m able to, i`ll avoid any dealings with them. meaning any show coming to Starwood amphitheatre this summer including Ozzfest, Dave Matthews Band and Prince, i`ll not be attending.

this anti-Clear Channel tirade is not about Howard Stern, well not entirely. i personally don`t like Stern, but there are functional station tuners on my radio. this is about a continued commercialisation of radio, the music industry, radio stations and government in a cosy relationship deciding what`s best for me listen to or for me to hear. i believe every business has a right to make a profit, i don`t object to that, i object to unfair business practices and i think Clear Channel epitomises that. they are rich and powerful and believe they can do whatever pleases them.

i disagree and i`m showing my disagreement in the strongest way possible, as a consumer. yes, they will continue to exist but they will just have to do so without my dollars. i`m sure there are other people who share the sentiment, eventually there will be enough for them to get the general idea.

i hope.