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i don`t know if it`s the fact that i`m living in one of those states where you can see the holy triumvirate on the back of a pickup; ie, Jesus fish, American flag and; in TN at least; a UT sticker; but i seemed to have found that hotline to Jesus.

and he`s given me a message to pass along:

he loves everyone, equally, except for pederasts and people who kill in his name. he has special tortures lined up for them.

he`s also very upset about all the crap his name is getting attached to, but he`s not really the vengeful type so he`s going to let it slide at least for the time being.

he also asked me to pass on a message on behalf of Allah: he isn`t happy about what is being done in his name either.

they have both asked for their believers to work more on principles and faith and less dogmatic adherence to oft misquoted, mistranslated and misleading republication and interpretations of what claims to be their absolute word.

and you have to believe what i say, because he came to me and told me and i have written it down.