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as the two bastions of modern morality; christianity and commercialism prepare to celebrate another holiday weekend, i find myself wondering if people have any idea about the origins of these particular feasts.

i mean what do easter eggs and bunny rabbits have in common with a crucifixion?

well it`s all about assimilation. as christianity grew, the early church; yes virginia there was only one church for a long time; realised that the best way to convert people before outright violence and torture became fashionable was to convert their holidays. so long existing pagan holidays became new christian holidays. so beltane a spring fertility rite [the eggs and the bunnies are symbols of fertility, get it?] got converted to easter.

so before you go slagging off non-believers, always remember from the old testament to mithras to converting pagan holidays christianity is about tolerance and acceptance of your fellow man  and commercialism is about getting them to give your money.

have a great weekend all. whatever you do.