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this week news broke that two male porn stars and at least one female had tested positive for HIV and i`m sure there are people who would say they deserved it, for their wicked lives. they are idiots, who deserve nothing but contempt and something equally communicable. but this is not about them, this about the reaction of the industry. they shut down. voluntarily. everyone is getting tested, people are being quarantined and for the next two months productions will cease. this is amazing. there are countries; hell even the US; that have not approached an HIV outbreak in a clear and effective manner.

yes, i understand it`s in the best interest of their business. but they didn`t hide and say, well it`s not happening. they approached it head on and are dealing with it. which is more than can be said for most corporations these days.

i`m sure the porno industry has its share of problems, but in terms of current business models, especially in light of volumes of corporate malfeasance and irresponsibility, maybe mainstream business can learn something from them.

hopefully the industry can withstand this debacle and the upcoming rounds of the obscenity witch hunt.