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June 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

your moment of zen 

and i’m back well rested, still riding this wave of exuberance. still longing and lonely, but i’m also managing a lot better than i have for a long time. i’m realising i need to get some regular exercise. i’m not a gym kind of person and random walking/running does nothing for me. i need a sport, i used to play volleyball, i liked it, if i can just find somewhere to play again, i’d be pretty happy. 

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genetically i come from a family that is broad in the hip and big in the ass (listen we make j-lo look positively waif-like, but that’s generally true for most caribbean women), i posted that link last night, because, i’m reaslising, sadly, women that are full figure are not the norm, everyone wants the supermodel/beauty queen body, but in most cases it’s unnatural. these women are the exception, not the norm. the first thing i ever wrote for publication here was about my love of full-figured women and my issues with traditionally pear shaped caribbean women working towards this impossible ideal. with our completely saturation by cable tv, this is becoming more and more common, you go into certain stores (fuck it, most stores) and you can’t find anything to fit you, if you’re over say a size 8 and when you do find stores that stock bigger sizes, they are fucking ugly. some of your must be wondering what this has to do with me… i have another generation that is already missed the ‘norm’ bus, they are taller than average for their age, they are bigger than average, barbie they will never be. i’m just wondering what kind of place there will be for them. i’m not say be unhealty, i’m just saying that the standards that are being imposed on us are just so fucking wrong and we need to speak out. 

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