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as of this writing there are less than five days left before what many people are touting as the most historic election of our lifetime. i feel strangely apathetic, i’ve documented my feelings about how the system works on more than one occasion. and i think any respect i had for either candidate went out the window with passage of the pork fest that was the bailout.

i’m a the point where i want this fiasco to be over so we can get back to business as usual. all the bitter acrimony and inability to have civilised discourse is for naught because once this election cycle is over, it’s back to business as usual. the rich will continue to get rich and find creative ways to not pay for shit, the poor will continue to be poor and all the while the middle class will continue pay for it and try to make sure they don’t end up poor.
the divisiveness fascinates me. what happens on november 5, when you candidate doesn’t win? are you going to leave the country? are you going to stop talking to your neighbours? co-workers? are you going to arrest or inter all the people that didn’t vote for your candidate? is your mortgage miraculously going to be paid? is your dollar all of a sudden going to go further?
november 5, although it’s really january 21, is going to be a day just like any other and you’re going to go to work and try to make ends meet just like you’re doing today and like you’re going to have to do next day and the next day. this is a system run by the people with money, ‘we the people’ is a pipe dream,