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how quickly we forget

September 13, 2004 — Leave a comment

i sympathise with all the people that lost friends and family on that day but all these `we will not forget` banners and trotting out the flags on Saturday really just pissed me off. i tend not to watch the news on television because it just irks me, so i missed all the lip service being paid to the people that lost their lives three years ago.

at this stage it is just mouthing the words because none of the actions since then have done nothing to honour the lives lost. actions speak louder than words and between Camp X-ray, the Abu Gharib prison abuses and the 1000+ dead soldiers in Iraq to date, i don`t think any of the people who lost their and their family are taking any comfort in the events of the last three years.

an `eye for eye` doesn`t work, it just perpetuates the cycle of violence, this is what terrorism thrives on; you have wronged me, so i will retaliate. we`re not getting anywhere.

if the dead are to remembered and mourned properly then the US needs a massive revision in foreign policy; the policies of the last century haven`t helped and what is going on now isn`t either. there needs to be some consistency, either shoulder the role of global policemen with all the pitfalls that includes or withdraw completely, no more selective intervention.