General (Pain) Relativity Theory

February 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Today was not a particularly good day for me, at least in terms of pain. I have a high tolerance for pain (after the surgery my doctor wondered how I functioned on a day to day basis, based on his experience I should have been immobile). 2015 was a benchmark year for pain for me. There was the pre-surgery pain during the first six months of the year when I was in constant pain with pain meds that did squat, that segued into the post surgery, physical therapy, hey I’m getting better, take some occasional pain meds, but not too much because it’s messing with my kidney function and final the general recovery, mostly pain free, occasional temperature change reminder that I actually had serious surgery pain. All of that went out the window today. Today harkened by to early 2015 when were still not sure what was going on and my hip and by extension my lower back hurt like a dammit. I had problems sitting and standing today. Most of mobility consisted of me shuffling around.

Which brings me to the drugs, I apparently have a high tolerance for pain medication too. I took some of the left over post surgery drugs as soon as I got home and sequestered myself on the couch with a heating pad. For most people the calibre and potency of the drugs would have them out like a light but here we are about four hours later and the pain in my hip is now back, slightly above a dull roar, but not quite to up screaming. So far as I can tell, the efficacy of these drugs is about four hours.

My concern at this point is have a done something drastic or is this merely a weather change, bad posture, too much of something warning. I have no desire to be popping pain medication (kidney considerations aside) just to remain functional again and we’re clear that it doesn’t work. The question becomes do I take it easy for the next few days and hope it sorts itself out or do I soldier on and only worry about it if it gets worse?

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