Tempus Fugit

June 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

From all appearances, my surgery was a success. I was out before I even got into the operating room, my last recollection was the nurses wheeling me out of the room. Five hours later my labrum had been repaired, my femur sculpted and excess built up tissue removed from my hip joint.

Now begins the recovery. I have crutches and am not supposed to put any weight on my leg for the next two week and no driving for four weeks. My physical therapy started to day with some stretching exercises, I got back in two days and continue twice a week for the next six, with water aerobics starting in July.

I have three months before I head back out to work, a full netflix queue that I have already started making a dent in; OITNB season three done, House of Cards started; movies and reading for my summer classes; annual re-reads like American Gods, Anansi Boys, Snow Crash and White Teeth; plus there is preparing to move. Three months seems like a pretty big block of time but I’m already two days in and I can already foresee how quickly this is going to disappear.

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