flash fiction friday #60

June 25, 2015 — 1 Comment

hate myself for wanting to please them. I should be past that. I am the most powerful CEO in the world and by extension, because we’re nation-corporations now, the most powerful person on the planet but still I find myself sniveling and seeking for their approval. What is it about people? I could simply have them killed but if I were to kill everyone that displeased or disappointed me I would be left with a handful of people and who would build the trinkets that my empire is based on. Sadly with all this power I cannot even be a benevolent dictator.

So I pander to them, their insipid questions, the every tiny detail that requires my undivided attention. Me, leader of the largest economy and third largest skilled labor employer in the galaxy, I still have to please the consumers, the plebs. Make sure they have something new and exciting every six months or face not just their displeasure, but my boards and the 13 other fuckers that think they can do this job as well as I can.

Flash Fiction Friday is a weekly writing prompt exercise led by Elisha Bartels. She posts them on Fridays to her blog and social media and writers use the trigger words to write a short piece of fiction. They post to their space and share with Elisha, tagging others in the group where possible.

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  1. please, sir, can we have some more?

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