July 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

the reason i haven’t actually used this space for its intended purpose is the same reason i’ve written this sentence about 12 times. it’s not that i’ve run out of opinions, i think i’ve lost the impetus to write. i sit at the keyboard and all the brilliant thoughts i had immediately evaporate, i thought the FFF would work but then i was working and after i lost my job i was too busy with the 12 million things i was working on to keep afloat and now that i have a full time job i’m down to 11 million things, because while it affords me relative luxuries like health insurance and a 401k plan, it pays for squat, so i’m still scrambling to keep afloat.

all of this to say that i’m going to try harder because i still have a lot to say.

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  1. My writing volume has gone to nil lately, too, thanks to the new job.

  2. for a minute fff was all i was managing, and barely; somewhat better now, wukkin on it, missing you and fff misses you too…walk good biglove

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