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Five Questions

These questions were sent to me by cajunscorpiogirl and originally came from White Apples by Jonathan Carroll. She liked them so much, they made it into her quote book.

Feel free to fill in your own answers.

What three meals from your past would you like to eat again?

1) Growing up I couldn’t eat on the plane and every trip back from Jamaica my grandmother would make rice and peas and curry goat. That amazing smell would waft through the plane, I can still smell it now.

2) Vic and I sitting on a bed in a hotel in Knoxville feeding each other.

3) My birthday dinner three years ago at the Mirror, surrounded by family and friends.

What two objects would you like to possess again?

1)  One of two books: Last Chance to See – Douglas Adams or The Meaning of Liff – Douglas Adams

2) My original wedding band, not necessarily for sentiment, but it was a well crafted piece of jewellery that i actually liked..

What is the one act in your life you wish you could take back or erase?
I think I am who I am now because of all of my experiences, good and bad.

What one person would you like to see again?
Douglas Adams, seems to be a theme. I had an opportunity to talk to him and wasted it on idle chit chat.

What one experience do you wish you could repeat?
Living in London

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