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i am highly sexual in nature. i make no bones about it, i think it`s natural and fun and am willing to try almost anything once; children, the dead, animals and faecal play being the exceptions; and all the things i am interested in i believe i`ve tried.

there are things i`ve done and forgotten, there are things remain with me and there are things i`m enjoying discovering. i started my sexual adventures early in life and at this point i can say i`ve been having sex more than half my life but it`s not about quantity, it`s about quality. the best sex in my life has been with long term partners as we got to know each other better and with vic, each time is better and better.

i`m very opened minded about sexuality and spend a lot of time reading about the subject, partially for my own edification and partially because i enjoy reading about sex. growing up my sexual fantasies were fuelled visually but by images i`d built in my head from stuff i`d read. even now, porn mostly bores me. i`m not saying there isn`t stuff that excites me, it`s just that`s not how i`m stimulated.

part of my fascination with sexuality is how people react to practices and people that are outside their norms. sexual mores like sexuality itself evolves and it`s fascinating to be able to read about whether the female orgasm is an evolutionary by-product, when as recently as 40 years ago, the female orgasm wasn`t even being acknowledged.

i worry however about the misinformation and in some cases the complete lack of information that young people are getting these days. there seems to be no middle ground for information these days the places where one can find clear, unbiased, truthful information about sexuality are sorely outnumbered. it`s mostly either misguided or deliberately misleading abstinence education or equally misleading pornography.

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