a worship of writers

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a collection of collective nouns.

A faculty of academics

A troupe of acrobats

A cast of actors/players (company, cry)

A conflagration of arsonists

A troupe of artistes

A team of athletes

A tabernacle of bakers

A babble of barbers

A promise of barmen

A thought of barons

A bevy of beauties

A bench of bishops (psalter)

A blush of boys

A feast of brewers

A shuffle of bureaucrats

A goring of butchers

A sneer of butlers

A slate of candidates

A chapter of canons (dignity)

A congregation of churchgoers

A school of clerks

A cutting of cobblers (drunkship)

A hastiness of cooks

A cowardice of curs

A troupe of dancers

A decanter of deans (decorum)

An obstruction of dons

A board of directors

A staff of employees

A panel of experts

A stalk of foresters

A talent of gamblers

A galaxy of governesses

A conjunction of grammarians

A herd of harlots

A melody of harpists

An observance of hermits

A gang of hoodlums

A cavalcade of horsemen

A blast of hunters

A bench of judges (sentence)

A neverthriving of jugglers

A banner of knights (rout)

A bevy of ladies

An eloquence of lawyers

A colony of lepers

An audience of listeners

An illusion of magicians

A riches of matrons

A band of men

A faith of merchants

A diligence of messengers

A cortege of mourners

An orchestra of musicians

A tribe of natives

A superfluity of nuns

A crowd of onlookers

A curse of painters (illusion, misbelieving)

A malapertness of pedlars

A crowd of people

A troupe of performers (troup)

A skirl of pipers (poverty)

A converting of preachers

A pity of prisoners

A band of robbers

A crew of sailors

A scolding of seamstresses

A house of senators

A subtlety of sergeants at law

An obeisance of servants

A posse of sheriffs

A blackening of shoemakers

A choir of singers

A squad of soldiers (army, brigade, company, division, platoon, troop)

A class of students

A disguising of tailors

A glozing of taverners

A den of thieves

A flock of tourists

An unction of undertakers

A prudence of vicars

An ambush of widows

A coven of witches

A gaggle of women

A congregation of worshippers

A worship of writers

A fellowship of yeomen

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