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December 4, 2008 — 2 Comments


i went to a bookstore last night, and as we were walking out i observed a whole rack of books, all titled The Idiot`s guide to… and i thought to myself, why would i want an idiot`s guide to anything?

i know it`s about simplification, making it easy for the layman. however, the elitist snob in me, frowns upon the lowest common denominator. i work in a field that caters to the lowest common denominator and it sucks. the best and brightest ideas are throw by the wayside because the masses aren`t going to get it.

the masses are sheep, who are too lazy to think for themselves. is there where you want your decision making process? is this the kind of information you want to fill yourself with?

a friend once commented that i was an education snob, i don`t think that`s quite right. i cannot abide stupid and ignorant people. some people go to school for aeons and are still idiots, so it`s not about education, it`s about intelligence and using it.

i mean, i`m not special, i have the same brain as everyone else, i have access to the same volumes of information as everyone else, why don`t more people use it? why are people so willing to let others make decisions or tell them what to do all the time?

2 responses to the pseudo-intellectual’s guide to…

  1. I think we could make a killing…The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Guide for Complete Idiots. Are you in?

  2. The “Ignorance as a Badge of Honor” meme has long outlived its welcome.

    I’ve always laughed thinking about how much confidence walking into a developer’s cubicle and seeing a shelf full of “Idiot’s Guides” instills in a boss or employer.

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