SGPT version 2

March 16, 2005

it`s never simple.

when i went back to the good doctor on Tuesday we talked about me continuing to lose weight and getting more exercise and monitor my blood pressure; it`s usually fine, except when i see the doctor and then it starts high and levels out. just before i left his office, i mentioned my elevated SGPT levels from last July and he ordered blood work to check on them again.

i got a call this morning from the clinic, my SGPT levels are still elevated and i have to go in on Friday for more blood work and an ultrasound on my stomach. i`m not panicking because the levels are lower than they were in July of last year; thank goodness for my need to document the details of my life. i am however worried because i`m not in any of the risk groups mentioned; i`m still not an alcoholic, i don`t take tylenol and i don`t have hepatitis, coupled with the fact that it`s only my liver readings that are abnormal.

i think the source of my worry is the not knowing and for me, the information junkie, that is the greatest fear of all and the information offered by webmd isn`t helpful or comforting.