it’s been a long time since i left you without a strong beat to step to

March 2, 2005

tomorrow will be one year since i arrived on these shores. and what fun and exciting adventure it`s been.

so much has changed and so many things have gotten better since i got off than plane one year ago. i think the timing for filing this paperwork is kind of appropriate, it`s another milestone and quite possibly the final hurdle in securing our life together.

in the past year i have been welcomed completely by vic`s family, celebrated our birthdays, holidays and special days together. we`ve got to go to bed nightly without the worry of how many days it will be until we see each other again. we can sit and talk or just sit and savour each other`s company. we`ve had our disagreements but we`ve worked them out. things have been difficult but we continue to persevere. we have each other; to sound off, to comfort, to congratulate, to support.

it`s been a very good year and i`m eternally grateful, i`m truly blessed. here`s to many more of these years.