we are safely arrived in DC, slowly recovering from a day`s drive and too much good food last night. i`m currently poaching an unsecured wireless network in the neighbourhood as i wait for everyone to get up so we can get going to the Mall and the museums.

i thought i`d share the results of one of the in car games yesterday.

In gramma`s trunk, I saw an Atomic bomb-carrying Baby carrying a Couch with a pet Duck eating Eclairs and Farting furiously and hanging from a Grappling hook with a Hippo hanging from his hip, injecting India ink into his incisors while juggling Jaguars as Kids kicked his keister. He got so tired he went to lounge on his La-Z-Boy and masticate Marshmallows with his mandibles. He knocked over Nanny`s Nickels. When the nickels fell open he opened his Orifice and a glob of pickled Peaches plopped on his pumpkin as he quirkily quartered Quinces for robust Robots. Superman then streaked from sky to taunt his testy `Tude over his unruly Uniform as a variety of Vegetables vroomed by and whacked him a waxed Wimple and an x-rated Xylophone, yanking his Yurt to Yonkers. The moral of this story is that xenophobic Zebras are zoned for zero.

we were very idle in the car.

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