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December 20, 2004 — Leave a comment

we`ve had a cold snap over the last few days including some scheduled snow flurries; although flurries would be a generous description for the three flakes of snow i saw yesterday. not that i`m complaining.

i like cold; which is sort of odd for a 6` 2″ dreadlocked Caribbean born and raised man. the overnight low temperature in Nashvegas last night was 14°F (-10°C), which in comparison to some places in the US is a bright and sunny day; but i`m not too thrilled about snow. primarily because i don`t know how to drive in it and if the driving abilities of people in Nashville in the rain are any indication, i don`t want to be sharing the road with them. there is a rumour that there are three snowplows in the entire state because of the rarity of heavy snow fall here.

even with my love for the cold i`m not stupid, i`ve got a light coat and a heavy coat, although the heavy coat hasn`t gotten any use yet. i`ve been pulling out the turtlenecks and long sleeved shirts and tee that languished in the back of my closet year after year.

we`re a Jimmy Carter household; old joke, during the Carter presidency at the height of the energy crisis Carter recommended that Americans use less heat and wear more sweaters at home. we`re on a staggered payment plan for the heat, but we`d rather not have any massive overages in the spring, so although the heat on it`s not going past 65, if we`re really cold, we`ll pull out a blanket or put on a sweater.

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