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November 19, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`m loosing weight. not in a spectacular; 10 pounds in 10 days kind of way, but a gradual erosion of the weight i`ve packed on over the last eight years and more specifically the 30 or 40 pounds i put on this year alone.

when i got here in March i was close to 315 lbs, which was my heaviest weight ever, granted i`d been living on complete and utter garbage for at least a month before i arrived but i wasn`t happy with my weight, no matter how well i carried it.

diabetes doesn`t run in my family, but hypertension does, so it behoves me to monitor my weight. my magic number is somewhere between 240 and 250 and i`m hoping to meet that goal by my next birthday, it`s not impossible, i`m currently in the 280 pound vicinity. to put this in some sort of perspective at age 25 i weighed 180 pounds, soaking wet. i was tall and thin and had a metabolism that allowed me to eat any and everything without a care in the world and then it stopped and i gained a pound here; my stomach; and a pound there; my hips until i became the man i am today.

so far i haven`t started on any workout regime, other than the occasional walk around the neighbourhood and at least four trips up and down the stairs at my office. i`m hoping Santa gets me bicycle for Christmas so i can ride to work and get some real exercise without distressing my knees too much. i am however eating a lot better and i have a partner in vic. together we`re working on being healthier and extending our lives together.

through judicious shopping we`ve pretty much cut high frutose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils; partially and otherwise from our home cooked diet. we`re not food nazis and sometimes it is better not to read the label, you really don`t want to know.

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