i`m sleeping alone for the first time in the six months and ten days since i`ve been here. albeit, at three a.m. i`m not doing much sleeping.

vic is at the Scorpio girls` slumber party. vic, cajunscorpiogirl, ms te and their other college roommate, all have birthdays within a two week period, culminating CSG`s on Nov 12. so they had a fondue party tonight with a masseuse, while the significant others gathered at our apartment for a night of Texas Hold `Em and drinking.

thankfully my paternal constitution enabled me to at least make the buy-in for the game. i manage to stay the course by attrition, not skill. all the men folk are spending the night, far to inebriated to even think about getting behind the wheel.

which brings me to my post in the middle of the night, i should be in bed asleep, but like that police song goes; the bed is too big without you. the pillows and the sheets smell of vic but she`s not there and i miss her.

it`s only three and a half hours until the sun comes up, if i get in the bed now, i can drift off for a little while before i realise i`m alone in the bed again.

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