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September 23, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`ve had a copy of the Sims since last October when i renew my .mac membership; it was one of the freebies. well owned might be a better description, i had it shipped to vic and it was in her possession until recently.

i installed and attempted to play it for the first time yesterday. i create characters and make sure they`re employed, housed, fed, practice good hygiene and social interaction, ad infintum. i played for five minutes before i though this sounds remarkably like what i have to do everyday.

what is the point?

i`m not much of a gamer. i grew up with the first generation of computer games that weren`t about the rendering, but more in like with the chose your own adventure books, then came the arcade classics and finally; for me at least; the atari 2600/5200 consoles. i enjoy the occasional one person shooter or arcade type space game but the idea of playing a game that imitates real life just leaves me cold.

over the Labour Day weekend i played halo on an Xbox and it was quite entertaining but i learned my lesson about console gaming four years ago. while i was living in fl and i had a lot of time on my hands, i rented a PS2 and Oni from Blockbuster for a week and in that week, i did very little else. i would come home from work, a little after 5 pm heat up dinner and sit in front of the tv until 2 and 3 am, get up at 6 and play for at least an hour before i had to get to work. luckily i only lived 10 minutes away. i decided after that i didn`t need a game console in my house because i`m the type of person to play until the game is licked and that`s not conducive to good family relations.

i do also enjoy playing games on my computer but having seen many a keyboard destroyed but abuse of whatever the `fire` is, i tend to keep it at a minimum, particularly on my personal machine and at work you don`t really want something that encompasses your whole screen and requires three or four different prompts before you can quit, so i stick to the word games on yahoo.

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