holy crap. ivan.

September 7, 2004 — Leave a comment

based on this satellite photo, i`m wondering if there is anything left upright in Tobago.

update from the trinidad express

Ivan leaves Tobago and heads for Grenada leaving a trail of damaged roofs and flattened trees and plants.

In Trinidad there are reports of some landslides and trees down on the Toco road. Weather experts predict continued rain and storms throughout Trinidad and Tobago this afternoon and all night. The full force of the hurricane was not felt as the eye passed just to the North of Tobago and did not make landfall.

update 2

apparently i`ve linked to a live image, which will track the path of ivan as the hours progress. Trinidad & Tobago`s luck and blessedness seems to have held yet again, i don`t think a lot of other places are going to be so lucky. as of this writing this is a category 3 storm and there is a lot of open water left for it to build up strength.

update 3

jamaica is going to get slammed there is no way around it. i`m worried about my friends and former co-workers and what`s going to happen in the years, afterwards. i said years, it took years to recover from gilbert and that was cat 3 hurricane, this is a weak cat 5. grenada is for the most a wreck; 90% damage, they too will take some years to recover, what makes it worse is with such widespread destruction no one seems to know when the bad news will end.

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