the lovely thing about bureaucracy is how it self perpetuates

August 5, 2004 — Leave a comment

the stark realism of dealing with the USCIS is clearer after a day of digging through the website, trying to find out what we need to do next.

the bureaucratic behemoth that is the USCIS thrives on the magic words `one more thing,` so now that this particular hurdle has been leaped there is another set to get over.

apparently the approval only means that i am now clear to apply for a change of status. so having gone through all of this, this change of status should be straightforward right?

guess again, i have a 35 page application form, which includes copies of forms that we`ve submitted on two different occasions thus far. i also have to do another medical, i wouldn`t be so irritated by that except i had to find money to do a medical less than six months ago to get the visa i`m currently on. oh and i missed one of the important factors, we have to shell out another $385 and that doesn`t include the cost of pictures and the medical.

i think the thing that irritates me about this is that there are at least two different sets of paperwork floating around with all the information that they require and now i`m about to start another batch. i thought the whole reason for throwing billions of dollars, revamping and renaming the INS was to make them more efficient.

and it gets better, i just checked the website for the processing dates for this particular application at the Memphis office; they are now up to applications with a receipt date of March 2002. and people wonder why there are so many illegal immigrants.

edited with the revised cost after a conversation with NCS help line and the hope that the medical i did will still be valid.

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