Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy the whores are us

July 9, 2004

i thought that PJ O` Rourke accurately summed up my mood this morning.

i don`t generally read newspapers, i haven`t really since i choose advertising as a career; i look through them to see the ads or if i have something published, i don`t watch television news either, i find the news for the most part depressing and biased, which in turn depresses me more.

i would love to bury my head in the sand and avoid the news altogether, but i`m not built that way, i need to know and i tend to go out of my way to find out the whole story. which is why i tend to get my news online from a variety of sources, the most reliable of which is the bbc, which in my humble opinion is the only news source without an axe to grind. the beeb remembers what news is about; fair and unbiased coverage. but i`ve been down this road before.

today, i happened to glimpse a newspaper and saw this headline;House balks at curbing Patriot Act, alas this is the reason i don`t read the paper, almost immediately i felt the bile rising and my general good feeling for the day slipping away.

however there maybe hope in the form of Freedom to Read Protection Act of 2003; which is an amendment to the annual Justice Department appropriations bill that would effectively refuse any money to support use of the USA PATRIOT Act to obtain library or bookstore records without probable cause, so if you`re eligible don`t sit this one out, write your representative today.