Morality is what we expect from those whom we vaguely dislike

May 27, 2004

we had house guests over last night. we played dirty scrabble and Scattegories. it`s a nice feeling being `normal`, doing things together, having people over, laughing hysterically at the way our brains work.

vic and i joke about sharing a brain regularly, but last night during Scategories, our brilliant idea for something you`re allergic to beginning with the letter `O`; otters. our guests looked at us stunned. there were bonus points during Scattegories too for answers that were immoral to say the least, but we were all adults.

in other news, George W. is mere minutes away from me today, he`s making a money run at Vanderbilt, so i have the joy of being inconvenienced and diverted for at least five hours today. oh dear i promised i would be nice.