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March 2, 2004 — Leave a comment

vic says i do the worse willie nelson impression on earth. i know i don’t have a singing voice so i might just have to agree with her. i had intended to type this in the comfort of my own [well my mother’s] adobe before i left this morning. but as it stands or sits, i’m at piarco international airport sitting about 15 feet from my departure gate, sucking power but no broadband connection for the airport.

in a series of ever interesting overlaps i spent my day yesterday, well theoretically it’s still today, because i haven’t slept yet, getting my hair done. neat dreadlocks and facelift in one fell swoop. my hair has been tightened [toit, toit like a tiger] so i no longer have the dreaded ‘fro dread, where the new growth hovers around the base of your existent locks forming a small afro.

so i got that done. ran around like a headless chicken for an hour, had a beer and an exceedingly late lunch with an online friend, went and moved my mother’s new washing machine, then went to deliver my daughter’s birthday present.

she seems thrilled, well not as much about the bob marley cd, but she’s twelve and there is really no accounting for taste at that age. this is the same age group that drives the careers of britney and that ilk. we hung out, i helped with homework. it felt good.

after this it was more races as my mother volunteered my fix a friend’s [of hers] printer. luckily it was just cleaning the print nozzles and we out of there in no time. i came home grabbed a shower and it was out the door again to check on my ride to the airport. she bailed, i need more male friends. it’s a little much to ask, especially in these times. she needed to get out of bed and come pick me up by three am and still had to drive home alone after that.

the pig [it’s a term of endearment, we swear], organised a going away soiree for me and i arrived fashionably late. but it was hilarious. this is why i like these people, smart, funny and crass. lewd jokes and conversation were the order of the night. but the hour drewth late and the skies did pour and no one did drive and we had no way of making our escape, so we called a cab who did not arrive until late and i realised that it would be at this rate the same to take me to the airport. so i made one trip of it. and i had to hustle.

it’s a good thing i’m an anal retentive, the only thing i had to pack was the laptop bag and the clothes i took off. i had space at the top of one bag for those and the laptop bag is meant to be packed on the fly. so i here i sit, all checked in, waiting, in my second to last airport. we’ve come a long way baby.

i’m still sitting here, still haven’t slept much. and they’ve switched the gate and the flight is late. i’m in too good a mood to let this stress me out.

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