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March 16, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. i mean, i`m living in a predominantly caucasian city, married to a caucasian woman with a striking blond boy child in tow. i don`t have any hang-ups about this, but i`m sure a lot of people will.

thus far, there haven`t been any weird looks [or i haven`t noticed any] or any odd comments. which is far more than i can say for vic`s trip to trinidad last year.

why are we still tripping over entry level shit like this? i don`t see the point really. i expect that i`ll run into the same problems i had in florida when i was here three years ago, no one knew what to do with me. black or white.

i don`t look like anyone else, i don`t behave like i`m expected, i don`t sound like anyone else. oh and i`m articulate and intelligent. and vic is not a trophy wife either. there is no box for us, either of us.

i`m not done yet, but i`m not as articulate as i`d like i`d to believe at the moment

sometime later. thank you for the comments, i don`t think this is so much about the state of inter-racial relationships as quantifying `real` for me. i`m proud to be married to victoria. she`s smart and beautiful and talented.

we didn`t set out to be role models for anyone, we found each other because neither of us specified race in our search. and i think that`s crux of what this is about, race has never been a factor for me. i`ve never thought my ideal partner is smart, beautiful, funny and [insert racial profile here]. why should i limit myself? my racial background is a melange of humanity and my children are an even more interesting mix.

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