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March 20, 2004 — Leave a comment

it probably not worth writing about.

a few months back i changed the style of my journal, nothing spectacular, nothing cosmetic. the major difference is in the content. i decided; admittedly after reading the smotlock opus on journalling; that some changes need to be made, i probably already knew what they were but that was the catalyst.

since then i`ve tried to limit my posts to one a day. i should point out that i don`t have anything against anyone who post more than once a day, it`s your journal and your prerogative, i`ve just found that simple rule works for me and i`ve tried to stick by it. i`ve found that i enjoy writing more and thinking about it, like this particular entry, which has been circulating for two days, helps me flesh the idea out, so when i sit at the keyboard, i`m not blank and lose my train of though.

although, even that is no guarantee. as the adage goes `the road to hell is paved with good intentions` and all the idea and structure for this entry went to hell in a handbasket after the last paragraph. i think it has to do with the writing style, where i try to follow a thought to it`s conclusion and get distracted by other sometimes brilliant thoughts or as this proves, not so brilliant. i`m typing this hoping the original thought will return.

aha, the other thing i was going to talk about is the lack of capitalisation in my journal. i don`t do capitals or is that capitalism? my favourite aspect of design is typography and even then i tend to design around lower case. i like the shape and character of lower case letter. i don`t know what font most people who read this blog see, but i chose a well formed serif font, which is quite easy to read in all lower case.

join me next time when i`ll discuss rules of punctuation. not.

well that`s my contribution for the day, my wife is in the kitchen making scones and then we`re off to pick up the boychick from the grandparents.

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