fat tuesday

February 24, 2004 — Leave a comment

this is the last week. this time next week i`ll be on my way. time flies when you`re having fun. i don`t know where last week went and i`m hoping this one goes by just as quickly.

dhl seems to have misplaced one of my boxes of books and i`m trying not to lose my mind or my temper but i`m been calling their offices for 30 minutes and no one has answered the phone. update, the other box is in cincinnati, i have no idea why, but they are apologetic enough, so i`m willing to cut them some slack.

i so don`t want to be at work today. everyone`s voice is grating, i`m a little irritable. i just want to be on my way. sigh.

i`m packed except for the clothes i`m wearing now and i have out for the rest of the week. i`m ready to go. i was ready to bail yesterday after a falling out with the accountant, who is both incompetent and arrogant, always a bad combination in my estimation. he managed to set everything right.

i`m just so restless. i need to remain focussed on the positive.  soon, soon, soon. 7 days and counting.

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