blood, sweat and tears

February 13, 2004 — Leave a comment

it`s obvious by now that i have tattoos, what`s not immediately obvious is what the mean and their significance.

before i go i have to point out, the most intelligent thing axel rose ever said is, if you want a tattoo, wait two years, if you still want the same thing after that, then get it. whatever you do, you have to live with for the rest of your life.

my very first tattoo was a poorly done free hand mouse on my right bicep,  but that has since been covered.

sol, my first real tattoo was the sun that used to dominate my back, it`s 13″ and started in the initial sketch i showed to d [tattoo guy] as fairly simple sun, all the detail and shading was his idea. it was the first of our many episodes in trust.

i had decided on a stellar theme for my ink. my tattoos are going to last my life time, so what i get should reflect the constants in my life.

luna`s primary raison d`etre was to cover the ugly mouse but continuing in a stellar them, d also stuck threw in my astrological symbol into the mix. just below that is my younger daughter`s name in sanskrit.

it`s not in keeping with the stellar them but whatever happens my children will also be mine. i chose sanskrit because it`s one of; if not; the oldest written languages and is still in use to today. i chose it to symbolise the enduring love i have for my children. i may not always show it but it`s there. nothing will change it.

the next tattoo i got was my comet, again the concept was mine but the execution was pure d. i decided i wanted something that wrapped around my arm but was still in keeping with the stellar theme.

after the comet, the whole stellar bodies plan pretty much fell apart, short of starting to tattoo galaxies on my body, i`d pretty much covered the constants it. the ouroboros was designed by d for a project we worked on together but it got cut. i swore it would see the light of day. the ouroboros is a symbol of concepts like completion, totality, the endless round of existence. all of which are major concepts in my life.

aqua, is the pattern from my wedding band, it also represents my love of water and it`s calming effect on me.

and finally there is my back which is this abstract piece which is supposed to be my last major piece of ink, it`s in progress and evolving.

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